quality and safety


Produce better, safer and faster is a fundamental principle with which Belupo perfects its existing products. Therefore, in our laboratories and pilot-plant, we are constantly developing new products by using knowledge, state-of-the-art methods and machines, raw materials, packaging, instructions, documentation – everything is checked, harmonized and verified before being applied in production.


quality assurance is the main task of all Belupo employees

keep our health

The quality of products and services is a priority of the company and is the result of continuous improvement of the quality of business processes involving all of our employees, all with the aim of patients' well-being and safety. Employee satisfaction is achieved by promoting personal and professional development and continuous employee training.

The company cares about the health of its employees, ensures safe working conditions, reflecting the high level of loyalty of employees and the sense of belonging to the company. Keeping health together is the fundamental determinant of our mission. Belupo is therefore actively involved in public health campaigns and education on health promotion and maintenance.


Ensuring the required quality of products and services of Belupo, is a priority of the company and all of its employees, from the time of product selection to product portfolio throughout the product life cycle. GXP Practice (Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Distribution Practice, Good Clinical Practice) It is the basis for the quality management of all our business processes, which ensures the highest quality, effectiveness and safety of Belupo's medicines. Belupo's quality is an integral part of everyday business, part of our business strategy and business policy. The quality management system is designed to enhance transparency, improve internal processes and company efficiency, ensuring compliance with national and international legal regulations, standards and guidelines and thus justifying the expectations of our customers, partners and regulatory bodies. The quality management system is regularly monitored through internal controls as well as through inspections of external certified inspectors of regulatory bodies and business partners. Quality management activities in all our business processes are the main tasks of the Management Board and all employees of the company. Within the framework of the principle of sustainable development, without compromising the quality of products, Belupo strives to meet the needs of the generations to come, with the satisfaction of its own interests, to protect human and natural resources. We care about ourselves and others.

quality control

Quality control as an integral part of Belupo is independent in its work. It covers quality control of all raw input materials and packaging, monitoring production conditions and complete analysis of all finished products. Quality control plays a key role in deciding on product quality. The analyzes are conducted by qualified and trained staff in modern equipped laboratories, organized according to DPP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice). High-tech, modern equipment, selective techniques and expert staff result in accurate and correct analysis results. The system of monitoring and controlling the hygiene of work spaces, equipment and people, as well as hygiene measures, prevents the possibility of microbiological contamination of the product at all stages of production. Each series of finished products is controlled according to prescribed requirements approved by the authorized regulatory body and is accompanied by a certificate that ensures that it is manufactured, equipped and analyzed in accordance with the DPP requirements and the procedures specified in the registration dossier for each drug.

research and development


Good Practice refers to compliance with regulations, standards and customer demands. This is why quality is imperative to us – we systematically examine and improve our business and production and our employees are continuously trained. Our compliant activities ensure that each Belupo product is effective and safe to use.


From its own programs, products are produced and packaged with the license of world-renowned manufacturers.

quality control

In the new working environment of Belupo in Koprivnica there are development spaces built according to the requirements of DLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and include areas for development activities of packaging materials, analytics and stability testing and development of DPP-derived technology (good manufacturing practice). Given that Belupo is a generic drug factory, it is necessary to have well-equipped premises and highly educated employees who are continually involved in various types of education and can produce the appropriate medicinal product within the optimal time frame.

From its own programs, products are produced and packaged with the license of world-renowned manufacturers.

The formulation of a new drug begins in our formulation laboratories where samples are prepared and subjected to all required tests, first in the formulation laboratory, and then in our analytical laboratories. In addition to our labs, we also have a pilot-plant for solid and semi-solid dosage forms whose capacity is 10% of the industry benchmark for the new solid form factory in Koprivnica.

The pilot-plant optimizes the process and confirms recipes for products, which are then packaged in their primary packaging and subjected to analytical and stability tests. To ensure that our products safely reach our consumers, Belupo has established a highly expert Development Team using most advanced global methods. A large proportion of our activities are performed internally and we retain the services of renowned domestic and foreign institutions to solve more complex issues.

sustainable development


Podravka Group’s sustainable development includes its full range of operations and all relationships it builds in the process, while ensuring a balance of economic, environmental and social business objectives. Podravka Group’s Sustainable Development Report aims to inform and reach an understanding with the relevant stakeholders with respect to the company’s economic, environmental and social impacts in different sustainability contexts.

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ecological strategy


In existing production, product and technology development and building factories we care about raw material consumption and energy sources, limited discharge into water and air, waste sorting and management -we mostly return it to production as a raw material: by preserving natural resources we take care about sustainable development.

waste management

The environment is most often polluted by waste, so proper disposal of waste is still systematically carried out. Waste is recorded according to work units, recyclable waste is separated and stored properly for thermal treatment. Preparations for the oversight of the drug manufacturing authorities as well as the testing of new production machines have increased the amount of technological waste at the site.

By adhering to the efficient waste management principle, we dispose of, recycle or thermally treat all waste we generate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

In these activities, consumption of raw materials and energy sources, collection, selection and disposal of waste and control of air and water emissions, Belupo limits adverse impacts on the environment.


By adhering to the efficient waste management principle, we dispose of, recycle or thermally treat all waste we generate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

waste treatment

The principle of effective waste management, all waste generated, is safely handled, recycled or thermally treated in a safe and environmentally sound manner. In 2022, 28 types of waste were recorded in Belupo in the total amount of about 409 tonnes.

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thermal treatment





With the aim of improving the quality of life of the society in which it operates, Belupo sponsors and donates year round to the activities of numerous health, educational and cultural institutions as well as various sports clubs and individuals.


As a pharmaceutical company investing in improving people's health, most of Belupo's donations are directed to healthcare facilities. In 2020. donations to healthcare amounted to almost 257.408,33 kn. Social responsibility is also confirmed by active participation in sports as a sponsor of NK Slaven-Belupo football club of Koprivnica. Traditionally, Belupo, as a socially responsible company, ends every year with a series of humanitarian actions. Thus hospital departments of many Croatian hospitals receive the necessary medical equipment. These are valuable donations that Belupo, as a strategic partner of the Croatian health system, helps those who need our help most - the sick and helpless. This is how Belupo sent assistance to the most needed medicines to the inhabitants of the most vulnerable areas flooded by uninhabited floods, through the Croatian Red Cross.

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