Corporate social responsibility

social responsibility

Our business on the global, regional, national and local levels is focused on our partners, employees and customers. Our business is based on our employee’s knowledge and skills in interaction with all stakeholders within the healthcare system, governed by high ethical principles. Human health and safety, adaptation to technological changes and environmental protection are our constant concern. We are sponsors and donors to numerous patient associations, sport clubs and educational, cultural and, of course, healthcare institutions.

Prizes and awards

good laboratory practice

In the new working environment of Belupo in Koprivnica there are development spaces built according to the requirements of DLP

donations and sponsorships

With the valuable donations, Belupo, as a strategic partner of the Croatian health system, helps those whom our help is most needed - sick and helpless.


thermal treatment

ecological strategy

Belupo limits adverse impacts on the environment by limiting raw material and energy consumption, collecting, selecting and disposing of waste and controlling emissions to air and water

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