basic activity

Keep our health

100+ MIL.


5,6+ MIL. EUR

invested in research and development (2016.)




European pharmaceutical markets


research and development

Belupo develops, improves and produces prescription drugs and non-prescription products (prescription drugs, herbal and dietary products).

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ecological strategy

For our products to find a safe way to consumers, we founded a highly professional development team that applies the most modern methods used worldwide.

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Career in Belupo

Jasmina Šatvar-Kiš, MSc.of Pharmacy, Drug Development Specialist "There must be mutual trust and respect between employees and managers in every business. A willingness to help and mutual support of colleagues make it easier for me to carry out everyday tasks, and especially to express myself in solving more demanding situations."

Ivana Bara,, Sales Manager - Each day is a challenge at a new job, where I constantly learn and get opportunity to overcome my own limits"

Filip Jambrek, B.Sc. engineering - "Fortunately, Belupo has knowledge of the theory and long experience of good maintenance practice. In order to ensure that preventive maintenance plans are good as possible, i.e. deficiencies eliminated as soon as possible, open and effective communication of all employees within departments, communication with the user and the responsible manager has been developed. "