about us

We affirm a healthy lifestyle

keep our health

Belupo's main activity is production and sales of pharmaceutical compositions. Belupo invests great energy, knowledge and funds into the activities that affirm a healthy lifestyle.

Key values


consumers have recognized the quality of our products which help them stay healthy, while Belupo’s employees and contractors see Belupo as a desirable employer and a reliable business partner.


we achieve our employees' and partners' pleasure with open communication and co-operation. We create a healthy and encouraging working climate that helps us achieve our business goals.


We communicate with our business partners, doctors and pharmacists by giving them scientifically based truths about the correct and timely medication with our products. We communicate with our non-prescription medicine users to help them master the skill of self-treatment.

Creativity and Innovation

we encourage and appreciate individual and collective innovative solutions to business challenges.


we recognize the importance of all stakeholders in creating value for the company. Focused on excellence and quality, our employees ensure that we remain competitive on the demanding pharmaceutical market


net profit growth

2017./2018. year

market presence

The company is strategically oriented toward increasing exports and developing new products that meet the needs of the demanding foreign market, so in the countries of central and eastern Europe, where it has its branches and companies, it's developing and growing.


foreign market share in total sales


yesterday, today, tomorrow

Towards our half-century. Belupo's yield to the history of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry in northwest Croatia.

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