Podravka again rewards its employees



Employees of the Podravka Croatia Group to receive a HRK 3000 bonus with their salary in December

To celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays, and on behalf of their contribution to achieving successful business results, the employees of Podravka Croatia Group will receive, in addition to the HRK 1500 bonus to their salary for November that has already been paid out this month, an additional HRK 1500 net bonus. Podravka has allocated a total of HRK 13.2 million for this bonus. “We are exceptionally pleased that, in addition to the payment of a bonus for our employees for achieving successful business results, early this year we introduced additional stimulation measures, such as increasing the base salary and set additions, savings in the third pension pillar, increased jubilee awards and increased Easter bonuses. We believe that we will continue with our positive business trends, and that this will continue to reflect upon the improved status of our employees. This additional December bonus is sure to please our workers, and ensure that their holidays are pleasant,” stated Marin Pucar, President of the Podravka Management Board. The positive trends in 2018 continued into 2019, and in line with its business achievements, Podravka is focused on significantly improving the material rights of its employees. This year, Podravka employees received an average of HRK 10,100 in a range of salary additions, and an additional HRK 1000 net was paid into the voluntary third pension pillar of the employee's choice. With the payment of these additions and bonuses, the Podravka Management Board wishes to thank all its employees for their dedication and efforts, for making a daily contribution to the company's growth and development and its successes on the domestic and numerous foreign markets.