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Every year Belupo develops new products, launching 10 new products every year, on average. An emphasis is placed on good laboratory practice and aside from developing new products for the market, the workforce is also focused on developing new packaging materials and new technologies, as well as carrying out crucial analysis and stability testing procedures. Belupo’s programme of generic drugs includes those that are produced and packed according to the licence of world renowned drug manufacturers. Formulation of any new medicine begins in the company’s laboratories with the production of a sample drug that is then tested in analytical laboratories. Aside from the main laboratories, Belupo also operates a pilot plant for all solid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms, which has a 10% production capacity of the solid drugs factory in Koprivnica, and it is here that the production and testing process is optimised and the composition of the product confirmed. It is then packaged and subjected to various analytical and stability tests.

According to the anatomic-therapeutic-chemical classification (ATK), Belupo’s drugs are represented in 12 groups. For Belupo, the main strategic importance and representation have the groups of drugs with the effect on heart and blood vessels (group C), drugs with the effect on skin (group D), drugs with the effect on muscular-bone system (group M), drugs with the effect on nerve system (group N),drugs for healing of infections (group J) and sensory organs ( group S).

Today, Belupo is convincingly leading in the sale of drugs with the effect on heart and blood-vessels on the Croatian market.



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I. Savica 36, P.P. 62
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 24 81 201
Fax.: +385 1 23 71 411