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BELUPO is Croatia's second largest pharmaceutical company in terms of market share. It was established in 1971 as part of the PODRAVKA Group. It is a modern pharmaceutical company which is in step with the times, in the technological, market and development sense, and which meets the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Today, Belupo operates on 16 European pharmaceutical markets. The company established three new branch offices in 2013, in Kiev (Ukraine), Warsaw (Poland) and Almaty (Kazakhstan). The decision to open these branch offices was in line with Belupo's corporate strategy, aimed at expansion and positioning of the company on the markets of Southeast Europe.

Belupo's largest market is Croatia, where is achieves 47,2% of sales, while the remaining 52,8% share is exported to other markets. The liberalisation of the pharmaceuticals market, both in Croatia and globally, have meant many changes. In Croatia, Belupo is the market leader in the cardiovascular and dermatological programmes, with its two best selling medicinal products: a product for the therapy of high blood pressure and for the prevention of cardiovascular ailments. We also offer a range of over-the-counter (OTC) products. The OTC programme includes medicinal products that are issued without a prescription, and herbal and dietetic products. Two of Belupo's products, Neofen and Lupocet, are within Croatia's top ten selling OTC brands.

Belupo currently employs about 1300 people, of which 1050 in Croatia and 250 abroad. Belupo is a pharmaceutical company that cares for its employees. We recognise and value the importance of people, as they are the leaders of all our activities and the main factor that gives us a competitive advantage in a highly demanding market. We have taken a strong strategic approach to our employees, and invested great efforts and funds into working conditions, motivation systems, development of competencies, advancement and rewards system, increasing efficiency, and a number of other programmes that contribute to our excellence in managing human resources. The company will continue to validate the opinions of our employees, and work on programmes and initiatives to improve the work environment and employee satisfaction.


In aiming to meet the increasingly strict requirements of the domestic and global regulatory agencies, and ensuring that quality is the imperative of all that we do, we have assessed that it is necessary to invest in our production capacities. In terms of their technological and technical capacities, our solid product factory and semi-solid and liquid product factory are unique in this part of Europe. Together with integrated computer controlled warehouses, this enables flexible and rapid fulfilment of all the demands of the current and new markets. Through continuous adjustments to the strategic development and export activities, constant add-ons to the quality control and quality assurance systems, ongoing professional development of our employees and investments into our capacities and programmes, BELUPO has created one of the leading medicinal product manufacturers, which has earned the trust of reputed world pharmaceutical manufacturers with which it achieves diverse and successful cooperation.

BELUPO constantly works on the need to increase energy efficiency in all its business processes, and the fact that each employee can contribute to more effective energy management. This leads to environmental protection, while also increasing market competitiveness. For many years, Belupo has been investing in energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. Many projects to this aim have already been implemented.

The unique manner of presenting Belupo's OTC products has been recognised on the domestic, European and world scales, and this has positioned BELUPO has a contemporary and innovative pharmaceutical company. We will continue to implement research and ongoing technological improvements as the foundation of production orientation, to maintain product quality and customer loyalty, and to perfect the reliable and recognisable partnership approach in our corporate relations to ensure we all accomplish more!




Josipa Vargovića 4/3
48 000 Koprivnica
Phone: +385 48 659 011
Fax: +385 48 624 992

I. Savica 36, P.P. 62
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 24 81 222
Fax: +385 1 23 71 411

I. Savica 36, P.P. 62
10 000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 24 81 201
Fax.: +385 1 23 71 411