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Human resources

Proper management of the human resources at Belupo is achieved through a partnership relationship between the employer and employees. Belupo works continuously to ensure that it is an interesting employer for the best candidates. Therefore, we aim to meet the highest quality standards in the area of human resources management. We are winners of the Employer Partner certificate, several years running, which represents the methodology of measuring success in personnel management. We work daily to develop procedures and practices in human resource management, thereby confirming our competitive advantage and our accomplishments in achieving high quality processes in this area. Belupo's goal is to employ motivated, capable and educated experts who wish to continue their personal and professional development. The highly educated experts currently account for more than 35% of the total staff, and this share is constantly increasing, include a majority of medical doctors, masters of science, experts in related natural science professions and economists. In recruiting, we place particular emphasis on ensuring efficacy and transparency and ensuring a reliable and high quality selection process. Therefore, all potential candidates for job openings pass through a standardised selection procedure. Depending on the job requirements, this procedure includes psychological testing, an interview, and testing of knowledge and skills. 

Employment in Belupo implies working in a stimulating environment for motivated, capable and educated individuals. Our employees have the opportunity and obligation of ongoing and continuous development and education. We consider investing in our employees as a precondition for our market success. Knowledge is the strength with which Belupo successfully meets all the challenges in the business environment, and we consider investments in knowledge to be an investment in business development that will bring multiple returns. Such an approach is seen in the results of a study on the use of intellectual capital in Croatian companies. For the past several years in a row, Belupo has been ranked within those companies with having a high efficiency of creating added value. 

We are aware of the responsibility we have for creating a healthy and stimulating work environment, which stimulates premium results. Therefore, we invest significant efforts to develop a corporate culture that is focused on results, team work and cooperation, mutual respect and dedication to our work. 

We stimulate internal communications in the company, and conduct surveys on employee opinions. Based on these, we adopt activity plans aimed at improving the business climate. We also regularly analyse and monitor data on fluctuations, so as to be able to react in a timely manner and to take action to keep talented employees.

According to the opinion surveys, our employees believe that we are among the best companies to work for in Croatia. We stimulate and reward a positive culture and we live our company values. We create trust in our relations, we are focused on customer and client satisfaction, and we recognise opportunities for creativity and innovation. Our employees aim to achieve excellence in their work, and work passionately toward fulfilling their goals.




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