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Board of Management



Hrvoje Kolaric, B. Pharm, MBA

Hrvoje Kolarić, President of Belupo’s Board of Directors, was born in Koprivnica in 1971. He is married, with two children. He graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Sciences of the University of Zagreb in 1998.  He attended numerous education courses to acquire sales and negotiating skills, training for the first management tier, sales efficiency, qualifications in financial matters etc.
In the career of Mr. Hrvoje Kolarić there stands out the prestigious position of the Director of BMS Pharmaceuticals in charge of product niche and business development. He also worked as the Director of PharmaSwiss d.o.o. Hrvatska and a manager of pharmaceutical operations (the exclusive representative of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Fujisawa, Ibsen Boufor and Ferring for the countries emerging from the former Yugoslavia). He also managed the business processes related to the cooperation with Belupo in the cardiological line of Pravachol (pravastatin). In his early career Mr. Kolarić also managed the Pharmaceuticals Department of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Representation Office for Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and subsequently the allergological and respiratory line of products of the Schering-Plough Representation Office in Croatia.
In May 2005, he was appointed as the Member of the Board of Directors in Belupo, in charge of marketing, sales and international markets, and has been reappointed in May 2010. In December 2012, he was appointed a Member of the Podravka Management Board.


Ksenija Punčikar, B.B.A., MBA, Appointed as Member of the Belupo Management Board

Mrs. Ksenija Punčikar was born on 13 November 1966 in Koprivnica. She is married, with one child. She earned her Master’s degree in Financial Market and Banking from the Faculty of Economy and Business, University of Zagreb, in May 1996. Mrs. Punčikar has also successfully completed the International Executive MBA at the International Executive Development Center in Slovenia. She is a licensed broker authorized to provide brokerage services in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Mrs. Punčikar began her long-lasting professional career in Podravka 25 years ago. Serving in numerous executive positions, she was responsible for the treasury, accounting and finances of the Podravka Group.

After serving as Chief Financial Officer at ACG Lukaps d.o.o. Ludbreg from 2008 to 2012, she joined Belupo in early 2013 as Director of Treasury, Accounting and Controlling.

In May 2015, Mrs. Punčikar was appointed as a member of the Belupo Management Board. She taught Fundamentals of Business Finance and Corporate Financial Management at the VERN University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb.




Branka Perković, Member of Supervisory Board

Mrs. Branka Perković was born in 1956 in Osijek, Croatia. She is married and mother of two sons. Mrs. Perković has graduated in 1980 from Law Faculty of Zagreb University. She started its career at Podravka in 1980 as legal specialist for labour, property and commercial law. From 1990, she led the office for property and commercial law. From 1994 to 1996 she was legal adviser for international business within the Office of the General Manager of Podravka. In 1996, she was appointed as member of Restructuring Team, working on Podravka Restructuring for profitable growth under A. D. Little supervision. In January 1997, she was appointed for the company secretary of Management and Supervisory Board. In September 1997, she became the Member of the Board of Directors of Podravka d.d., and in March 2000 she became the Executive Director for HR and Legal affairs in Podravka.
From March 2001, she was appointed to the position of Legal Department Manager in Podravka.
Mrs. Perković made the State Barr Exam. In 1994 she obtained the certificate of International Chamber for Industry and Commerce in London (SEFIC). In 1999, she obtained General Management diploma from IEDC Bled. She also has Professional Diploma in Retailing Management from Leeds Metropolitan University.

She was elected ​as the Management Board Member of Belupo d.d. on April 3rd 2015, for a term of four years.


Ivana Matovina, Member of Supervisory Board

Ivana Matovina graduated from the 1996th Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, Accounting and Finance.Since May 1996 she worked as head of accounting at Adriana doo. In September 1997 becoming a director in charge of the audit, internal audit, accounting and business consulting at KPMG Croatia. Year 2002 becomes Croatian certified auditor.In September 2009 appointed director of Cinotti Audit Ltd. September 2011 when the founder and the director of Antares audit Ltd.


Miljenko Ćorić, Member of Supervisory Board

Mr. Miljenko Ćorić was born in 1956. He completed an industrial electronics and automation mechanic training programme at the Koprivnica Vocational Training School in 1974. He started working at Podravka in July 1974, where he was employed as a soup serving staff member until compulsory military service. After returning from the army in May 1976, he started working at the Podravka Technical Services. He became a maintenance electrician at Belupo in July 1981.  Starting from 1985, he worked as a maintenance and energetics technologist. While working, Mr. Ćorić attended the MEC-Varaždin Electromechanical Engineering School from 1985 to 1987 to obtain a highly-qualified level of education as electrical technologist, spec. In the course of employment, he has actively participated in the work of the Union, serving one term as the Union Executive Board President. He was elected as member of the Belupo Works Council on three occasions. After the elections for the Works Council in 2014, he was re-elected as Employee Representative on the Belupo Supervisory Board.



Iva Brajević, Member of the Audit Committee

Branka Perković, Member of the Audit Committee




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