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Ecological issues

Belupo, as part of the Podravka Group, has opted for sustainable development in its operations, and dedicates special attention to environmental protection in its existing production activities, in the development of new products and technologies, and in the construction of new facilities. In these activities, Belupo is working to reduce harmful environmental impacts by improving the consumption of raw materials and fuels, by collecting, selecting and disposing waste properly, and by controlling air and water emissions.

Through the principle of efficient waste management, all waste generated is disposed of, recycled or thermally treated in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. With proper management, the majority of waste becomes secondary raw materials, which in turn conserves natural resources. Constant progress in environmental protection is achieved through the ongoing education of our employees, particularly new employees, in order to increase the ecological awareness of each employee, thus improving environmental protection and ensuring better working conditions in line with corporate social responsibility.




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