First ten years of the medicine factory and the beginnings of cosmetics


Podravka is starting to prepare for pharmaceutical-chemical production ie creates the prerequisites for entering a new strategic business area


The first modern medicine factory is built.


First Belupo medicine factory, started to operate in the fall of 1972. in Ludbreg. The factory starts growing.

Medicine and cosmetics factory in Danica.


Rapid development and spreading the production program condition building a new factory in Koprivnica, where the headquarters is still located today.


In 1981. with the new medicine factory in Danica, a new growth period began. In Belupo's production program in the 1980s a very important novelty was introducing the cosmetic product production.


In 1982. Belupo already offered a variety of products for export, which documented the widening of production. Needed conditions, for modern production and a widened variety of human and veterinarian medicinal products, were met.

Restructuring and a new medicine factory


Organization restructuring, meaning a new medicine factory and production program growth


Belupo, with constant production and business results growth and ambitious development plans, reached its 25th anniversary


Building a new 7000 square meters rigid medicine factory is the biggest and most important building in Belupo's 15000 square meters pharmaceutical complex. The factory enables an uninterrupted process of operational procedures, i.e. material and worker flow through physically connected spaces, which makes it unique in this part of Europe. Pros: closed system, impossibility of operator and substance contact, gravitational dosing, flexible and quick medicine substitute to meet the market demands, saving and innovation in trial production, graded production flow, modular concept which allows capacity upgrade, integrated warehouses with computer supervision.

A decade of ascent and export orientation


Subsidiary with the headquarters in Ljubljana founded in Slovenia


Crystal ball for the Event project of the year, FESTO 2001., Opatija, Croatia

OTC NEWS Marketing & Creative Award 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark; Grand Global The Best In Healthcare Communication Worldwide 2002, The New York Festivals, New York, USA

Subsidiary with the headquarters in Bratislava founded in Slovakia


The most modern factory at the time, it was a response to the challenges of the globalized market. So-called Clean Rooms account for 1,760 square meters of the total floor area of 2,035 square meters. All manufacturing activities are compliant with the GMP standards and FDA’s regulations and the annual capacity of this new factory is 50 million packages.


A Quality Control and Assurance facility was built on 2,400 m2. By consolidating the Microbiological Laboratory and the Research and Quality Control Departments, we ensured that our departments critical for product quality and development operate efficiently.


Founding of a pharmaceutical institution - DELTIS Phram (11 pharmaceutical units)


Gaining the majority stake in Farmavita - a pharmaceutical company in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Belupo won the "Golden key" for the best Croatian exporter to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strengthening the position in the region and construction of the factory for the future


Belupo wins a Crystal Statue and receives a Partner Employer Certificate from Selectio Group for the fifth time in a row.

Neofen was proclaimed the winning brand of the Trusted Brands survey for the third time in a row in the Analgesics category.


Belupo enlarges its drug storage capacities.

A business model was designed that uses the Food & Pharmaceuticals synergy in developing food with supplemental health benefits in addition to basic nutritive values.

Representations in Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan founded

Belupo receives a Golden Kuna as the most successful large company in Koprivnica-Križevci County.

Farmavita was selected The Most Desirable Employer in a survey organized by Development Studio and the portal.


The Ministry of Economy designates Belupo Incentive Measures Owner for the New Drug Factories project.

Belupo is issued a drug wholesale authorization and license.

Farmavita – The Most Desirable Employer in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014.

Farmavita establishes its Representative Office in Priština, Kosovo.


Belupo's solid and semi-solid medicine factory four year construction finished

Lupocet receives a Best Buy Award Health 2014/2015 in the Headache Medications category.

Neofen’s radio campaign termed Announcement proclaimed the best campaign at the Effie & IdejaX Communication Days and receives an award in the Health, Beauty & Fashion category.

A Cooperation Agreement was signed with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the University of Zagreb for scientific/technical and teaching activities.

Farmavita establishes its Representative Office in Priština, Kosovo.


Belupo’s Factories of the Future receive an occupancy permit.

Belupo receives a Certificate of Appreciation for supporting the scientific efforts of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences.


Belupo receives a Lider Invest award for continuous investment in a competition for the best large, medium-sized and small production investments.

Belupo was awarded a Digital Certificate of A+ Creditworthiness Excellence for 2017.

Belupo’s factory for solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms, covering 20,608 m2, was completed after four years of construction. The New Factories are currently the largest greenfield investment in Croatia, worth over HRK 535 million. Belupo’s New Factories of the Future are equipped with state-of-the-art technology resulting in making value-added medications.


Belupu dodijeljen Zlatni ključ za najvećeg izvoznika u Rusku Federaciju u 2017. godini.