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Quality Control

Belupo bases its quality on a comprehensive group of integrated activities that ensure a high quality level of products and business processes. The quality of products and services is a company priority, and is the result of our ongoing improvements to the quality of business processes in which all our employees are involved, for the aim of ensuring the well-being and safety of the patient. We achieve employee satisfaction by promoting personal and professional development, and through ongoing employee training. The company also cares for the health of its employees by ensuring secure working conditions, which is reflected in the high loyalty of employees and their feeling of belonging to the company. Working together to protect health is our fundamental mission statement. Therefore, Belupo actively participates in public health campaigns and education aimed at improving and protecting health.


Quality assurance – the main task for all our employees

Ensuring that our products and services meet the set quality standards is a top priority for Belupo and all its employees, from the moment of selecting a product for introduction to the portfolio, and through the entire product life system. GXP practices (Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Distribution Practice, Good Clinical Practice) as international guidelines are the foundation for managing the quality of all our business processes. This ensures premium quality, efficacy and safety of Belupo medicinal products. In Belupo, quality is an integral part of our daily operations, a part of our business strategy and business policy. The quality management system is designed to increase transparency, and to improve internal processes and company efficiency, thus guaranteeing alignment with the national and international legislation, standards and guidelines, and meeting the expectations of our customers, partners and the regulatory bodies. The quality management system is regularly monitored through internal controls and through inspections by certified external inspectors of the regulatory bodies and business partners. Activities to improve quality are an ongoing task of the Management Board and all company employees, in all our business processes. Within the framework of sustainable development, and without compromising the quality of its products, while meeting its own interests, Belupo strives to protect human and natural resources necessary for the generations to come. We take care of ourselves and of others.


Quality control, as an integral part of Belupo, is an independent process. This includes controlling the quality of all raw materials and packaging entering the facility, monitoring conditions during production, and complete analysis of all finished products. Quality control has a key role in making decisions that pertain to product quality. Analyses are conducted by qualified and educated staff in modernly equipped laboratories, set up in line with the GMP (Good Manufacturers Practice) requirements.

Highly sophisticated, modern equipment, selective work techniques and expert staff result in precise and accurate analysis results. The monitoring system and control of hygiene of work spaces, equipment and staff and the hygiene measures employed prevent the possibility of microbiological contamination of products in all production phases. Each batch of finished product is controlled according to the prescribed requirements approved by the authorised regulatory bodies, and is accompanied by a certificate guaranteeing the product was produced, equipped and analysed in accordance with GMP requirements and procedures as listed in the registration documents for each individual medicinal product.



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